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Microwave Door Interlock Switch
Fix Number FIX2361111
Manufacturer Part Number W10269458
This door interlock switch is for microwaves. Door interlock switch prevents the microwave from starting when the door is open. Because the microwave shielding and interlock switches must be properly tested following the door interlock switch replacement, a service technician should install this part.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Doesn’t shut off
  • Door not closing properly
  • No heat
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Door Assembly - Black
Fix Number FIX11700861
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X24439
This door assembly includes the handle, panels, and shielding for your microwave. A faulty, or damaged microwave door can be dangerous, and should be replaced straight away. Before you start this repair, ensure the power and the high-voltage capacitor are disconnected from the microwave.
Fixes these symptoms
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Door Frame - White
Fix Number FIX1481562
Manufacturer Part Number WB55X10828
This is not the entire door just the outer frame.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX7788764
Manufacturer Part Number AGM73812501
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Microwave Door Assembly
Fix Number FIX12710041
Manufacturer Part Number WB56X32788
This door assembly is for microwaves. The door assembly includes the handle, panels, and shielding. A service technician should install the door assembly because the door contains shielding components. The technician must correctly test the microwave for leaks in the microwave shield before you can safely use the microwave.
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Complete Door Assembly
Fix Number FIX979712
Manufacturer Part Number 5304441374
This is the complete door, black in color.
Fixes these symptoms
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Inner Door Glass (middle)
Fix Number FIX2378854
Manufacturer Part Number 316117502
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Interior Door Glass
Fix Number FIX978631
Manufacturer Part Number 318212200
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Exterior Door Panel - Black
Fix Number FIX2582997
Manufacturer Part Number 5304477394
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Complete Door Assembly - Black
Fix Number FIX2582989
Manufacturer Part Number 5304477383