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Microwave Turntable Motor
Fix Number FIX12722592
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X32190
This turntable motor is for microwaves. The turntable motor rotates the glass tray inside the microwave oven. Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged, a service technician should install this part.
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Fix Number FIX2370063
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X10233
Fixes these symptoms
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Upper Cooling Fan Motor with Blade
Fix Number FIX237580
Manufacturer Part Number WB26K5061
In Stock
Convection Motor
Fix Number FIX1517430
Manufacturer Part Number WB26T10043
In Stock
Fix Number FIX3505412
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X10264
In Stock
Motor, Turntable
Fix Number FIX1020855
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X10193
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
FAN Assembly - CONTROL
Fix Number FIX773494
Manufacturer Part Number WB26T10018
In Stock
Turntable Motor
Fix Number FIX237905
Manufacturer Part Number WB26X172
This motor rotates the glass turntable in the microwave.
No Longer Available
Fix Number FIX953582
Manufacturer Part Number WB26T10030

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