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Selector Knob
Fix Number FIX2330885
Manufacturer Part Number 134844410
This selector knob is a genuine OEM replacement part for either your washer or your dryer. The knob is used to select the cycle desired for your laundry. If the knob has become cracked or damaged it will need to be replaced. The knob fits onto a D-shaped shaft and includes the shaft spring which helps to keep the knob in place. The knob is sold individually, made of plastic, and is white in color. No tools are required to replace this part, simply pull off the old knob and push the new one into place.
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Rotary Knob
Fix Number FIX419092
Manufacturer Part Number 131965300
This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft. Sold individually.
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Timer Knob
Fix Number FIX417308
Manufacturer Part Number 131264905
In Stock
Timer Knob - White with Gray Grip
Fix Number FIX2330897
Manufacturer Part Number 134886700
Sold individually. This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
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Fix Number FIX2349361
Manufacturer Part Number 137009900
Special Order
Fix Number FIX2349369
Manufacturer Part Number 137015900
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Fix Number FIX2349363
Manufacturer Part Number 137010900
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Fix Number FIX11699955
Manufacturer Part Number 136609214

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