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In Stock
Upper Dishrack Slide
Fix Number FIX1525080
Manufacturer Part Number 154597801
This slide is mounted to each side of the upper cabinet wall. The dishrack wheels roll inside this track, which guides the upper rack. The mounting screws are not included.
In Stock
Upper Dishrack Track End Cap
Fix Number FIX452590
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809927
Sold individually.
Single Rack Roller Kit
Fix Number FIX452448
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809640
This kit comes with one axel/clip and one wheel/roller.
Upper Dishrack Roller and Axle Kit
Fix Number FIX452630
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809974
This is sold individually. Please order quantity required.
Silverware Basket - having seven sections
Fix Number FIX474724
Manufacturer Part Number 5309951569
This white silverware basket has seven utensil sections. It also has a convenient carrying handle so that you can quickly and easily remove this basket from your D&M design Frigidaire/WCI brand dishwasher.
Fix Number FIX979402
Manufacturer Part Number 5304438434

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