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Fix Number FIX5136127
Manufacturer Part Number W10537869
Also know as a diverter valve. This diverter motor is for dishwashers. Diverter motor controls the flow of water to the spray arms. Unplug the dishwasher and shut off the water supply before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Leaking
  • Not cleaning dishes properly
  • Will Not Start
  • See more...
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Dishwasher Pump Motor
Fix Number FIX11765780
Manufacturer Part Number W10894668
The pump motor delivers water to the spray arms to clean the dishes during the wash cycle.
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Fix Number FIX11749156
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10155595
Fixes these symptoms
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Circulation Pump Motor and Impeller Assembly
Fix Number FIX11757387
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10757216
In Stock
Fix Number FIX2579599
Manufacturer Part Number W10200940
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Wash Motor with Pump
Fix Number FIX2341124
Manufacturer Part Number 6-919963
Special Order
Pump Motor Shaft Seal
Fix Number FIX451182
Manufacturer Part Number 5300803903
This pump motor shaft seal will help prevent the water inside the dishwasher from leaking around the shaft of the motor.
Fixes these symptoms
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Motor/Pump Kit
Fix Number FIX2340778
Manufacturer Part Number 6-905330
This kit comes with the motor, pump housing, gasket for pump housing and the relay.
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Fix Number FIX2341119
Manufacturer Part Number 6-919922
The pump gasket and seal kit included in this assembly can each be ordered separately.
Motor Shaft Seal Kit
Fix Number FIX452574
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809909
This motor shaft seal kit does not include a macerator blade, but does come with wash and drain impellers(upper and lower).
Fixes these symptoms

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