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Special Order
Upper Dishrack with Wheels
Fix Number FIX2379463
Manufacturer Part Number 5304475618
This dish rack includes the wheels. It is used in the dishwasher.
In Stock
Upper Rack Assembly - T3 PRO
Fix Number FIX10065024
Manufacturer Part Number A01986801
Upper Rack Assembly - T3 PRO. This is the complete upper rack and the wash arm.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Lower Dishrack
Fix Number FIX2379469
Manufacturer Part Number 5304475624
This lower rack does NOT include the wheels. Must be ordered separately.
Special Order
Silverware Basket - White
Fix Number FIX1765528
Manufacturer Part Number 5304461023
This silverware basket is a genuine OEM replacement part for your dishwasher. If your current dishwasher is making unusual noises, or the silverware is not getting clean, replacing this part can solve the problem. Installing this part requires no disassembly, simply unhook the current basket and fit this one into place.
In Stock
Upper Dishrack Slide
Fix Number FIX1525080
Manufacturer Part Number 154597801
This slide is mounted to each side of the upper cabinet wall. The dishrack wheels roll inside this track, which guides the upper rack. The mounting screws are not included.
In Stock
Upper Dishrack Track End Cap
Fix Number FIX452590
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809927
Sold individually.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX9492614
Manufacturer Part Number A00004305
No Longer Available
Lower Dishrack Assembly
Fix Number FIX9494212
Manufacturer Part Number 808602402
Wheels are included. This lower dishrack assembly comes with 8 rollers enabling it to roll in and out with ease. The dishrack is approximately 22 inches long x 20 inches wide. The dishrack holds dishes in place during the dishwashing cycle. If you see rust spots on the dishes, the lower rack will not pull out, or the lower rack is visibly rusted or damaged, the part should be replaced. Other common symptoms include: unusual or loud noises coming from the unit, or the dishes on the lower rack not being washed properly. This part is also known as a dish rack or a dishwasher rack.
No Longer Available
Upper Dishrack Roller and Axle Kit
Fix Number FIX452630
Manufacturer Part Number 5300809974
This is sold individually. Please order quantity required.
No Longer Available
Lower Rack Bracket
Fix Number FIX421062
Manufacturer Part Number 154376501
This white lower rack bracket is a little over an inch long. Sold individually.

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