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Tine Holder
Fix Number FIX8712513
Manufacturer Part Number 00418498
This tine hold is a genuine OEM replacement part for your dishwasher, measuring approximately 1 inch long and is sold individually. This part is also known as a tine clip or a rack flip tine clip. It is used to the hold the tines of your dishrack in place. Once you have adjusted the tine racks to a position that works with your dishes, this clip will hold the tines in place and is designed to hold two rows. There are no tools required to install a new clip, but a flathead screwdriver may be needed to remove the old one. The new clip just snaps onto the dishrack, and you can then adjust and hold the tines in place.
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Adjustable Tine Row Clip
Fix Number FIX8727471
Manufacturer Part Number 00611981
This part is a replacement tine row clip for your dishwasher. The tine row clip is adjustable, and it fits onto your dishrack to holds the tines into place. If your dishrack tine rows will not stay in position, you could have one or more broken tine clips. To replace a tine row clip, simply snap the old tine row clip out, and replace it with the new clip. This part is made of gray plastic and is approximately one inch long and half an inch wide. This part is sold individually, so it is a good idea to check all of your tine row clips to determine if more than one are broken.
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Lower Dishrack Assembly
Fix Number FIX8737395
Manufacturer Part Number 00770545
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Lower Dishrack
Fix Number FIX8701740
Manufacturer Part Number 00249276
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Lower Rack Tine Clip Kit
1 Review
Fix Number FIX8714310
Manufacturer Part Number 00428344
This kit includes 4 clamps, 2 latches and 2 "L" shaped sleeves. Gray in color.
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Dishrack Stopper Kit
1 Review
Fix Number FIX8697039
Manufacturer Part Number 00165254
This kit includes both the front and rear stopper.
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Fix Number FIX8693487
Manufacturer Part Number 00093046
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8697225
Manufacturer Part Number 00167291
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8712420
Manufacturer Part Number 00418280
In Stock
Fix Number FIX8731004
Manufacturer Part Number 00649332

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