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Bumper - Black
Fix Number FIX4704188
Manufacturer Part Number WB28T10278
These genuine OEM black bumpers are used to provide cushioning between the main cooktop and the grates on a gas stove or cooktop. This item is sold individually, but you may require four for your stove. If you need to replace more than one bumper, be sure to order the applicable quantity.
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Grate Kit
Fix Number FIX11754863
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10447925
This kit includes 4 black burner grates.
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Gas Burner Grate Kit
Fix Number FIX2003074
Manufacturer Part Number 12001481
This matte black grate kit comes with two gas burner grates.
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Fix Number FIX3503825
Manufacturer Part Number WB31K10252
See part 252 in the diagram
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Fix Number FIX3503826
Manufacturer Part Number WB31K10253
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Center Burner Grate - Black
Fix Number FIX10066242
Manufacturer Part Number 5304499393
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Fix Number FIX1817948
Manufacturer Part Number 4396096RB
This griddle can be used on gas and electric cooktops.
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Burner Grate
Fix Number FIX244390
Manufacturer Part Number WB31T10006
Sold individually.
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Burner Grate Kit - Black
Fix Number FIX11751457
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10268483
Includes all 4 burner grates.
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Griddle for Gas Grill
Fix Number FIX2162204
Manufacturer Part Number JGA8200ADX
This just sits on top of the grates that you already have and cooks the food from the heat from the burners.