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Fix Number FIX16554201
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-08738A
This knob has a logo, is sold individually and accepts a D-shaped shaft. This top burner knob is a matte black in color with a logo. This part is sold individually and accepts a D-shaped shaft. The knob measures 2 inches in diameter. The burner knob allows you to determine the temperature of the surface burner on your cooktop. The replacement of the knob is extremely easy and does not require the use of any tools. Simply pull the old knob off its post and snap the new knob into place. This is a genuine OEM part that comes straight from the manufacturer.
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Fix Number FIX16556792
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-02161A
This is a Genuine OEM Delonghi replacement part, this item is sold individually. Designed to work with specific Dacor Cooktops. This knob is made out of Black Plastic. To replace simply push it firmly on the control shaft.
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Fix Number FIX16628397
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-03916A
The rubber feet, also known as the burner grate foot, is used on the bottom of gas burner grates for a range and cooktop. The rubber feet help the grates sit on the top of a burner cap properly and works to keep it leveled. This way you can place your pans and pots on an even surface. This part also prevents your burner grates from scratching and damaging the top of your stove. This can lead to friction and the paint on the stove top can chip. Make sure to unplug range from power source before installing this part.
Installation Instructions
Philip from Sedro Woolley, WA
One rubber foot broke off grate; O-rings on burnners became brittle and broke into pieces.
Screwed a small screw into what was left in the grate and with pliers pulled out the rest of the old rubber foot; installed new foot. Removed the burners from the cooktop with a Dacor bought spanner wrench and installed o-rings and reassembled. Read more...
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Fix Number FIX16554204
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-10313A
This knob has no logo, is sold individually and accepts a D-shaped shaft.
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Fix Number FIX16556793
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-02696A
This single igniter assembly kit is also known as a spark igniter, igniter service kit, spark electrode, or burner igniter. The kit is a genuine OEM replacement kit that is sourced directly from the manufacturer. It includes one igniter, one spring, one C-clip, and heat shrink tubing. These parts are what produces the spark that lights the surface burner on your oven, range, or stove. Please note that this kit is for one burner only. It is recommended to check your other burner igniters in case they should be replaced as well. Check your original burner ring for holes, this kit will not be compatible with burner rings that have holes, and you may need a new one.
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SVC-KNOB SINGLE DCT365;106859-01,DCT305B
Fix Number FIX16629036
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-04772A
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Fix Number FIX16629009
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-04739A
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Fix Number FIX16556794
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-03497A
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Fix Number FIX16632194
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-09365A
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Fix Number FIX16632196
Manufacturer Part Number DE81-09368A

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