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Mark Sodja

Mark Sodja

In-House repair technician

Mark Sodja repair Mark Sodja repair Mark Sodja repair

Meet Mark, our in-house repair technician and video host. Mark grew up in Salt Lake City, where he discovered a passion for building and taking apart things. It’s no surprise that his love for tinkering eventually led him to a career in repair work. As a teenager, Mark enjoyed staying busy and working with his hands. He worked at a lumber yard and later in retail, selling power tools, as well as commercial and residential lawn mowers. He was also popular for hosting woodworking classes where he taught others how to carve wood and make furniture.

Eventually, Mark joined us here at where he has been using his experience and mechanical knowledge to help countless people with their repairs for the last 13 years. Mark finds that the most rewarding aspect of his job is helping people and making their lives just a little easier. When he is not at our repair counter helping customers in person, you can find him in front the camera, recording DIY repair tutorials and helping people around the world. His specialty lies in gas-powered equipment, from lawn mowers and snowblowers to chainsaws and everything in between. So, whether you need to tune up your carburetor or find out why your lawn mower engine is misfiring, Mark can fix it for you or show you how to do it yourself!

When he's not at work, Mark enjoys staying busy with a wide variety of hobbies. He especially enjoys photography, woodworking, fly fishing, long distance shooting and traveling with his wife.

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