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Filter Nut
Fix Number FIX10017383
Manufacturer Part Number 83872
This is a genuine Rigid replacement part. This is a filter nut, it is made of plastic and sits below the filter plate holding the filter in place. When you properly secure this nut onto the thread end of the filter cage bolt, it allows the filter plate to hold the filter in place. Not only do these parts work to keep the filter in place they also help to create a tight seal between the filter and the motor. This replacement part is commonly used in the assembly of wet/dry vacuums. This filter nut is made of plastic, and it is sold individually. Filter plate is sold separately.
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Fix Number FIX11867132
Manufacturer Part Number 29823
This is a single OEM replacement caster for vacuums. The caster makes it so the vacuum is easily mobile. This is a very simple repair that will not require any tools. Simply pull it off to remove and press the new replacement caster in until it is secure. This caster is sold individually.
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VF4000 Filter
Fix Number FIX11869483
Manufacturer Part Number 72947
Genuine Ridgid replacement part, this item is sold individually. The purpose of the 72947 filter is to keep dust and debris from exiting the exhaust port on the vacuum. This Filter should be cleaned on a regular basis. Once you can see it is getting worn or is tearing it is time to replace it.
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Filter Cage (New Style 7" Tall)
Fix Number FIX11869530
Manufacturer Part Number 73637
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Foot (For Casters 4 Required)
Fix Number FIX11866635
Manufacturer Part Number 12388
This is one black plastic foot for a vacuum. The foot fits onto the side of the canister, and the caster is pushed into the foot. If this part has cracked or is broken, it may not be able to hold the caster properly in place, making it difficult to manoeuvre the vacuum or making it unstable. This part is an OEM replacement, meaning its an exact fit for your model.
Installation Instructions
Foot holding the caster gave way and no longer held the caster not repairable.
Removed the old part and slid in the new part no tools required. Read more...
In Stock
Foot Caster
Fix Number FIX11867134
Manufacturer Part Number 29833
In Stock
Drain Cap
Fix Number FIX11867933
Manufacturer Part Number 47922
In Stock
Filter Plate
Fix Number FIX11866618
Manufacturer Part Number 12303
In Stock
1/4-20 Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX10118132
Manufacturer Part Number 06-55-1525
In Stock
Hose Assembly
Fix Number FIX11877016
Manufacturer Part Number 14-37-0160


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