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Fix Number FIX12511622
Manufacturer Part Number 90627870
This is a genuine OEM replacement charger for a vacuum, sold individually. If your vacuum is no longer charging or is not charging as efficiently as it once did, the charger may be malfunctioning. Use this charger only in a standard electrical outlet (120V/60Hz). While charging it is normal and perfectly safe for the charger to get warm. It is also safe to leave the appliance connected to the charger indefinitely. The charger will automatically limit the power consumption once the charge is full.
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Filter Bag
Fix Number FIX10254135
Manufacturer Part Number 90558113
This is a single OEM filter bag (cloth filter) for vacuums. This part is located behind the pre-filter, preventing dust and dirt from making their way to the motor and causing damage to it. It can be cleaned by gently blowing air through it or by washing it with warm soapy water and dried completely before reinstalling. For regular use, it is recommended to be replaced every 6-9 months. To separate the cloth filter from the plastic filter, twist the plastic filter in a clockwise direction. When replacing the filter, slide the outer plastic filter over the filter bag, align the wings of the plastic filter with the grooves in the filter bag and twist counterclockwise. Place the filters back into the bowl while pressing firmly to ensure it is secure. Please note that you should never operate your vacuum without either filter.
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Fix Number FIX10174970
Manufacturer Part Number 499739-01
This is a filter for your vacuum. This part is a secondary air filter because it filters out dust/debris from damaging and contaminating the motor assembly. We recommend replacing this part every 6 months to a year, depending on usage. After removing this part make sure to blow out the cover to clean it before putting in your new filter. This part is sold individually.
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Pre-Filter (Filter Bag and Frame Included)
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Fix Number FIX10254136
Manufacturer Part Number 90558115
This is an OEM pre-filter assembly for a handheld vacuum, sold individually. Your vacuum may have a second filter (filter bag) and this is sold separately. This filter can be washed with warm and soapy water, however if it has been six to nine months or it is damaged, it will need to be replaced. To replace this filter, slide the outer plastic filter over the cloth filter. Line-up the wings of the plastic filter with the openings of the cloth filter and turn it counterclockwise. Put the filters back into the bowl, pushing them until they are locked in place.
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Fix Number FIX12507353
Manufacturer Part Number 90640311
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Pre-Filter Assembly
Fix Number FIX12026661
Manufacturer Part Number DY-96566101
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Bin Assembly
Fix Number FIX12026660
Manufacturer Part Number DY-96566001
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Silver Tool Catch
Fix Number FIX12026307
Manufacturer Part Number DY-91152303
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Hose Clamp
Fix Number FIX10043561
Manufacturer Part Number CAC-1206-1
This high-quality OEM metal hose clamp is a part found in air compressors, and is sold individually. This part can be used on multiple parts on the air compressor, so the exact location, and repair may differ. In general, it is used to clamp hoses. For this repair, begin by draining the air out of the tank to remove the pressure placed on the components.
Installation Instructions
Air leakage from hose
I followed the help from a YouTube video. It was for a slightly different model of P-C air compressor, but didn't really matter. This procedure is quite straightforward. Several screws are removed to access the pump-end of the rubber hose. Use The new hose was somewhat longer than the old one, but I didn't try to cut it down. Be sure to crimp the replacement clamps good and snug! Secure all screws and test the compressor. All good! Read more...
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Style 1 Belt - 2 Pack
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Fix Number FIX10334472
Manufacturer Part Number RO-157260P


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