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Fuel Line Clamp
Fix Number FIX8938782
Manufacturer Part Number 26460
This and an authentic OEM replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer. Fuel line clamps are used in small engines such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, tillers, and lawn tractors. Fuel line clamps are in place to ensure the fuel line is securely attached to the carburetor. It is important that your fuel line clamps are functioning properly; having a secure fuel line prevents fuel leaks in your engine. This part is made of metal. You will require pliers to install and secure tube clips.
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Fix Number FIX9291749
Manufacturer Part Number 610973
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Gasket, Carburetor (1/32" thick)
Fix Number FIX8938792
Manufacturer Part Number 26756
In Stock
Primer Line
Fix Number FIX9275983
Manufacturer Part Number 32180C
In Stock
Breather Gasket
Fix Number FIX8942323
Manufacturer Part Number 27896A
In Stock
Cover-Spark Plug
Fix Number FIX9052756
Manufacturer Part Number 610118
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Fuel Line
Fix Number FIX10007099
Manufacturer Part Number 740017B
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This fuel line can be used in a variety of lawn and garden equipment, such as snow blowers, lawn mowers, and lawn tractors. The fuel line is a hose that is used to carry fuel to different areas of the engine; it is how the fuel travels from the tank to the carburetor. If you have fuel sitting in the line constantly the hose will eventually start to harden, breakdown, and crack. It is important to check your fuel line for damage; this will prevent leaks, and help keep your engine running smooth.
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Oil Seal
Fix Number FIX8949169
Manufacturer Part Number 32600
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9274448
Manufacturer Part Number 27915A
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9274720
Manufacturer Part Number 28424

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