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Fuel Cap
Fix Number FIX12051598
Manufacturer Part Number 70-006-0125
This Fuel Cap is an OEM approved replacement part. This part is compatible with many forced air kerosene heaters made before 2014, for full compatibility, please see "Model Cross Reference List" below. This part is designed to keep fuel in the tank. If your heater is leaking around the cap, or if your cap has cracked, it may be time to replace the fuel cap. The cap is made out of black plastic, is 3" in diameter and 1.5" tall. Each cap is sold separately
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Temperature Limit(Overheat) Switch
Fix Number FIX10492312
Manufacturer Part Number 75-040-0100
This is a genuine Sun-Stream replacement part. This temperature limit switch is safety feature that is commonly used in portable heaters. When the temperature inside the heater reaches a certain level this high limit temperature switch kicks in and shuts things down, this allows the machine and the components inside to cool down. This high limit switch prevents your equipment from reaching dangerous levels of heat. This temperature limit switch is sold individually.
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Spark Plug
Fix Number FIX10492325
Manufacturer Part Number 75-075-0200
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from Sun-Stream. Spark plugs turn electrical current into a spark, that spark is used to ignite the fuel mixture inside your heater. We highly recommend that you inspect your spark plug while you are doing regular maintenance, so you can clean or change the part when necessary. If you do not properly maintain the spark plug you may have trouble starting the heater. Check your model specific owner manual to ensure you have gapped the spark plug to the appropriate distance before installing it. This spark plug is sold individually.
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Fuel Tank Assembly
Fix Number FIX10492266
Manufacturer Part Number 75-001-0350
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Fuel Gauge Assembly
Fix Number FIX10492285
Manufacturer Part Number 75-022-0210
On Order
Fix Number FIX10492307
Manufacturer Part Number 75-036-0400
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Tip Over Sensor
Fix Number FIX10492321
Manufacturer Part Number 75-051-0200

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