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Ice Maker
Fix Number FIX1993870
Manufacturer Part Number WR30X10093
The ice maker assembly makes ice by filling the tray with water from the inlet valve, freezing it until solid cubes are formed, and then ejecting them into the ice bucket. This process will repeat until the bucket has reached capacity. If your fridge is no longer making ice, the assembly may need to be replaced. This is a genuine OEM replacement that measures 10 inches by 5 inches in size and will make seven crescent shaped pieces of ice each cycle. The kit is mainly made of white plastic, and includes a 4-pin round plug-in connector, a 6-post plug-in connector, tube, and fill cup. Depending on your frequency of use, the ice maker may need to be replaced every three to ten years. Regular wear and tear is the main reason this part may need to be replaced but be mindful of accidental damage.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker dispenses too little ice
  • Ice maker dispenses too much ice
  • Ice maker not making ice
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
marion from raleigh, NC
Ice maker stopped making ice
Super easy. Loosen 2 screws. Disconnect power line. Take out broken part and plug in new part then slide icemaker back in place and tighten 2 screws. Saved me the $89 service call plus whatever they would have overcharged for the part! And no waiting around for repair guy! Read more...
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Power Cord
Fix Number FIX759476
Manufacturer Part Number WR23X10300
Fixes these symptoms
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Light Switch
Fix Number FIX8758429
Manufacturer Part Number WR23X10725
The light switch in your refrigerator is used to turn the light on and off when the fridge door opens or closes. This is considered a closed switch, which means that when the fridge door depresses the button there is no continuity and the light turns off. When the fridge door opens and the button is released, there is continuity, and the light turns on. If the light in your fridge is not burned out but will not come on, the switch may need to be replaced. This genuine OEM replacement light switch is spring loaded and made of a white plastic. This is an easy repair that will require a flat blade screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers to complete the job. Since you will be working with electrical components, please be sure to disconnect the power supply to your fridge before beginning this repair.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Sheila from los angeles, CA
Door would not close after insatallation
Followed the video with no problems, but the door would not close. There is a rubber bumper that the light switch strikes, This bumper was not horizontal, and just had to be twisted to a horizontal position. The door then closed tightly, Total repair time was about 5 minutes! Read more...
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Refrigerator Power Supply Board
Fix Number FIX966905
Manufacturer Part Number WR55X10430
In Stock
Fix Number FIX758552
Manufacturer Part Number WR07X10072
On Order
Reverse Hinge Kit - Black
Fix Number FIX758770
Manufacturer Part Number WR13X10275
This kit does not include the screws.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX12727537
Manufacturer Part Number WR86X25269
The filter dryer filters refrigerant that travels through the sealed system of the refrigerator.
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Fill Tube Clamp
Fix Number FIX297951
Manufacturer Part Number WR2X4754
Fixes these symptoms
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Fix Number FIX1765837
Manufacturer Part Number WB24T10147
This light switch is controlled by opening and closing the oven door
Installation Instructions
Patricia from Hinesville, GA
I kept smelling a weird burning smell.
Like an electrical burn smell. Inside the oven, the warming light would flicker. Even if the oven was closed and cold. I listened to other people and started taking out screws. Then I got mad and just pulled on it. And it came out. hahaha Seriously, no tools needed. Just pull on it and it will pop out. Read more...
In Stock
Fix Number FIX758566
Manufacturer Part Number WR09X10093

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