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Sump Housing O-Ring
Fix Number FIX311086
Manufacturer Part Number WS03X10038
Used with Water filter systems. This is used to prevent leaks.
Fixes these symptoms
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Household Sediment Filter Set
Fix Number FIX220410
Manufacturer Part Number FXUSC
This water filter cartridge is a manufacturer-approved replacement part for your home water filter. It helps filter rust, sand, sediment, and soil from your water. This is a pack of two filter cartridges. It has a filter life of 16,000 gallons, or three months. This replacement filter will fit any water filter that houses 9-3/4 inch x 2-1/2 inch cartridges.
Fixes these symptoms
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Union Connector - 5/16 Inch to 5/16 Inch
Fix Number FIX758446
Manufacturer Part Number WR02X11330
Quick connector for plastic water line - 5/16" to 5/16"
Fixes these symptoms
  • Ice maker not making ice
  • Leaking
  • Not dispensing water
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
Peter from Old Saybrook, CT
plastic tubing split, caused water leak
Note: That this repair was done on the old design with the threaded connections on the inlet water valve. The replacement valve has compression fittings. 5/16 water line gave up at the water inlet valve. First fixed 2yrs ago. was able to cut off enough damaged line and pull out the slack and got it back in and socked it down no leaks. 2nd leak this time same brittle old line gave up again. Replaced the 5/16 line. from inlet valve. I cut the head off a bolt that barely fit in both old and new tube ends. Removed tube guide inside behind bottom bin and pulled old line until new line showed up spliced in union. Did have to remove inlet water valve this time to assure good connection. Because you can't buy a new 5/16 nut for that valve you have to make the old one work or you might be forced to buy a new inlet valve too. At which point the 1/4 ice line gave up. Repeated fix #1 on 1/4 line. reinstalled no leaks. Should have just done them both at same time. Did just order 1/4 line, 1/4 nut and fill tube grommet. Read more...
Special Order
Filter Wrench
Fix Number FIX311941
Manufacturer Part Number WX5X140
In Stock
1 Review
Fix Number FIX16216902
Manufacturer Part Number FQSVN
Used with water filter systems.
In Stock
Pre and Post Filter Set
Fix Number FIX951498
Manufacturer Part Number FQROPF
Used in water filtration systems.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX6447789
Manufacturer Part Number WS15X10077
In Stock
Water Filter - Pleated
Fix Number FIX220393
Manufacturer Part Number FXHSC
Sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Richard G from Charlestown, RI
Front lower plastic foot guard covering unit leveling adjustments.
Original guard broke in two while washing same to re-install. Found replacement on the website, made purchase and waited for delivery. Two screws and a few minutes later, the replacement was installed. Read more...
In Stock
Brine Valve Clip
1 Review
Fix Number FIX311352
Manufacturer Part Number WS60X10004
Used in Water Filters.
Fixes these symptoms
In Stock
Reverse Osmosis Cartridge
Fix Number FIX951497
Manufacturer Part Number FQROMF
Installation Instructions
Jerry from Bentonville, AR
Leaks in connection between the bypass valve and the unit.
Installed new o- rings in the connection to the unit. Read more...

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