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Measuring Cup
Fix Number FIX10508300
Manufacturer Part Number 033061
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Fix Number FIX10507666
Manufacturer Part Number 030332
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Measuring Cup
Fix Number FIX10508137
Manufacturer Part Number 032691
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Browning Control Knob
Fix Number FIX10507654
Manufacturer Part Number 030320
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Main Control Board
Fix Number FIX10507661
Manufacturer Part Number 030327
Installation Instructions
Waffle maker would not properly cook waffle mix - each came out really bad, half stuck to top, other half to bottom of griddle!
Very carefully removed the bottom panel(about 8 small screws).Then, I removed component on right (connected to switch & browning knobs). Working then to control board; I removed slowly each wire connected to old board and attached to new board. There were 14 connectors, and, I made sure each one was secured on the prongs of new board. It wasn't real difficult, more like defusing a small time bomb! But, it now works PERFECT! It solved the problem, folks! So do it- if your maker stops cooking properly. Thanks, FIXIT.com - you saved the day! Read more...
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Bracket, Knob
Fix Number FIX985618
Manufacturer Part Number 8211513
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Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX10505893
Manufacturer Part Number 016236
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PCB Board
Fix Number FIX10507796
Manufacturer Part Number 030635
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Fix Number FIX10508299
Manufacturer Part Number 033060
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On/Off Switch
Fix Number FIX10506825
Manufacturer Part Number 027069


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