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Fix Number FIX10507727
Manufacturer Part Number 030504
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Insulator Bracket (Ceramic)
Fix Number FIX10506897
Manufacturer Part Number 027203
Special Order
Fix Number FIX10507180
Manufacturer Part Number 028865
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Push Knob
Fix Number FIX10506864
Manufacturer Part Number 027170
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Push Knob
Fix Number FIX10506865
Manufacturer Part Number 027171
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Browning Control Knob
Fix Number FIX10506868
Manufacturer Part Number 027174
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Fix Number FIX10506892
Manufacturer Part Number 027198
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Power Terminal Board
Fix Number FIX10506910
Manufacturer Part Number 027216
Installation Instructions
Jeffrey from Fort Pierce, FL
toaster was burning toast
Unplug toaster, remove cover and front panel with Philips screwdriver, remove plastic handles adjusting knobs from rheostat stems and remove rheostat by removing 2 Philips screws, take a picture for reference, using pliers remove round nut from stem on rheostat, separate rheostat from plastic insulator, remove the two electrical wires from rheostat, making sure to slide the rubber insulators up on the wire to reuse upon reattachment. On the new rheostat thread wires through the two terminals, then attach wires securely with a small amount solder. Slide rubber insulators back over terminals. I would carefully test toaster before reassembly, it won't shock you without the cover on, reassemble upon satisfactory completion of job. Read more...
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VR PCB Assembly.
Fix Number FIX10508165
Manufacturer Part Number 032720
In Stock
LED Cover Green
Fix Number FIX10507340
Manufacturer Part Number 029685

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