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Retaining Ring
Fix Number FIX11746909
Manufacturer Part Number WP9703438
This is a retaining ring, also known as a roller retainer clip, and it is for various home appliances. This part is 1/2 an inch in diameter, and made entirely of metal. The retaining ring connects the support roller to the shaft in your dryer. If your dryer is noisy, or taking too long to dry, you may need a new retaining ring. Note that this part can also be used in a refrigerator/freezer, and a washer/dryer combo.
Fixes these symptoms
No heat or not enough heat
Takes too long to dry

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Installation Instructions
Tim from PORTLAND, OR says,

Dryer was a bit noisy with a full load of wet clothes
As per the repair videos on the site, I searched the internet for a couple of supplementary videos just to make sure I was doing it correctly. It was was all pretty easy. Expect to vacuum out and clea...read more

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