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Retaining Ring
Fix Number FIX11746909
Manufacturer Part Number WP9703438
Sometimes referred to as a retaining clip, the retaining ring is used to hold the drum support roller onto the shaft in your dryer. The clip may need to be replaced if you find that your dryer is noisy while tumbling or will not tumble at all. The retaining clip can also be used with stand mixers, to hold the pinion gear to the agitator shaft. This genuine OEM part is made entirely out of metal and measures approximately half an inch in diameter.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Brian from Novi, MI
Squeaking noises while running dryer
Followed the Video Directions from website. All went as planed. The dryer is running like new now. Read more...
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Refrigerator Door Hinge Shim
Fix Number FIX11747921
Manufacturer Part Number WPM0274058
The door hinge shim helps maintain proper door alignment.

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