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1 Review
Fix Number FIX16620369
Manufacturer Part Number W11551396
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Fix Number FIX16660544
Manufacturer Part Number W11569314
NOTE: As per manufacturer this is only the center pusher not the complete pusher assembly.
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Work Bowl
Fix Number FIX11745359
Manufacturer Part Number WP8211906
This bowl has a white handle and is used with 7-cup processors.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Diana from Philomath, OR
The locking mechanism in the handle of my bowl was broken.
This bowl was the perfect replacement for my broken bowl. I was concerned as the description noted that it would fit multiple brands. Glad that I found your site as it saved me several dollars. And was delivered in less than a week! Read more...
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Cutting Blade
Fix Number FIX11754935
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10451463
This is a multi-purpose blade for your food processor. It is designed to spin inside the bowl and process whatever food you have placed in it. Over time, the blade can dull or become damaged, and in this case, you may want to replace it. The blade assembly is made of plastic and an S-shaped metal blade. It is approximately 6 inches from one tip of the blade to the other.
Installation Instructions
Allen from Pittsburgh, PA
broken blade
opened top and put in new blade
In Stock
Shaft and Disc Adapter
Fix Number FIX11745357
Manufacturer Part Number WP8211900
Used with food processors.
Installation Instructions
Lois from Seaside, CA
Lost parts
Replaced parts
Special Order
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX11755096
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10461924
Installation Instructions
Joe from Lancaster, CA
broken pusher
No repair nessary
In Stock
Drive Adapter
Fix Number FIX11755100
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10461962
This is an authentic KitchenAid adapter for your food processor. It is made of plastic, with a metal post in the center. It is designed to connect different attachments to your food processor.
In Stock
Fix Number FIX11754940
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10451469
This part is a pusher for your food processor. It fits inside the processor lid and is used to push food through into the main bowl. This product is sold individually. It is made of clear plastic and is the largest of the pusher attachments for your processor.
Special Order
Fix Number FIX12704785
Manufacturer Part Number W11311697
Special Order
Fix Number FIX11754929
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10451326

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