Part Location Diagram of 290108002 Ridgid Brush And Spring (Sold Individually)
See part 10 in the diagram
( Grid squares measure 1x1 inch )

Brush And Spring (Sold Individually)

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Fix Number: FIX10094957
Manufacturer #: 290108002
Manufactured by: Ridgid

Product Description

This is an individually sold carbon brush. Keep in mind that most power tools will have two of these, and it is recommended to replace them at the same time. The motor requires these brushes to conduct electricity to the armature. Due to constant friction, these brushes will wear and require regular replacing. For this fast and simple repair, use your screwdriver to remove the brush cap and this will give you access to the brush.

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Model Compatibility
This part works with the following models:
Fix Number: FIX10094957
Manufacturer Part Number: 290108002
Model Number
Router - Laminate Trimmer
Router - Trim Router