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Rubber Bumper
Fix Number FIX10042532
Manufacturer Part Number AL062300AV
This is a genuine OEM part that has been sourced directly from Campbell Hausfeld. This rubber bumper acts as a foot located on the bottom of the frame of your pressure washer and generator. This bumper is important because not only does it help keep your machine in place, it also helps limit vibrations and helps to reduce noise during operation. This rubber bumper is sold individually, the screw you need for installation is sold separately.
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Turbo Lance
Fix Number FIX10049591
Manufacturer Part Number PM022621SJ
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Fix Number FIX10049611
Manufacturer Part Number PM037501AV
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Brass Swivel Connector Assembly.
Fix Number FIX10049624
Manufacturer Part Number PM041360SJ
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Fix Number FIX10049695
Manufacturer Part Number PM232200SV
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Water Seal Kit
Fix Number FIX10049673
Manufacturer Part Number PM064730SV
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O-Ring (Gun)
Fix Number FIX10049767
Manufacturer Part Number PM345403SJ
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Fix Number FIX10049558
Manufacturer Part Number PM005138AV
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Fix Number FIX10049793
Manufacturer Part Number PM351378AV
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O-Ring Hose to Pump
Fix Number FIX12001129
Manufacturer Part Number PM350141SV

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