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Fix Number FIX12004687
Manufacturer Part Number 90592363-01
This is an OEM 18v NiCad battery charger used in various model types, such as drills, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, etc. This part includes the charger only. When the battery is placed in the charger, a red-light indicator will come on, telling you there is a connection between the battery and charger. This light remains on while it is connected to a power source. It will not turn off, flash, or change color once the charge is complete.
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4mm Ball
Fix Number FIX10116760
Manufacturer Part Number 02-02-1100
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Battery Cover, BSS501
Fix Number FIX10151590
Manufacturer Part Number 450128-8
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Fix Number FIX10177807
Manufacturer Part Number 5140058-09
Installation Instructions
Phillip from NEW BRAUNFELS, TX
Inoperative on/off switch
I forced (I mean forced with a hammer!) the tip of a screwdriver between the front base of the switch and the vacuum housing and literally had to pry it out. If it breaks it doesn't matter anyway. Once free you will need to force (bend & twist?) the switch out from under the handle. There is plenty of extra wire so no need to worry about that. Once free remove the wires paying attention to which terminal each one is connected to. Place the wires on the new switch in the same order and reinsert back into the housing. The new switch will have to be forced back into the housing due to inadequate clearance between the housing and the handle but it will go in. Read more...
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Battery Holder
Fix Number FIX10156755
Manufacturer Part Number GM00001116
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Bezel Assembly
Fix Number FIX10126171
Manufacturer Part Number 31-58-0675
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Battery Cap
Fix Number FIX10183451
Manufacturer Part Number 645221-00
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Reflector Retainer
Fix Number FIX10156728
Manufacturer Part Number GM00001001
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Fix Number FIX10156700
Manufacturer Part Number GM00000070
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Bulb Set
Fix Number FIX10156270
Manufacturer Part Number A-90261


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