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Carbon Brush Set
Fix Number FIX10156662
Manufacturer Part Number CB440
The brush box kit fits a variety of cordless gardening tools. *Please note: This part is sold individually. This assembly includes a carbon brush, spring and holder. Due to friction, carbon brushes are common replacement parts. If the functioning of your motor changes and does not work, then check if the brush is worn out or inspect the wire lead for cracks, burns and other damage. Replacing the brush can restore the motor and its functions. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions.
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Rubber Washer 7
Fix Number FIX10412696
Manufacturer Part Number EE39602
This authentic OEM part has been sourced directly from Max. These washers are used to help secure and seal connections in your nail gun. Rubber washers help limit the vibration in between parts of you nail gun, and they also help reduce noise levels. Due to the various ways in which they are used we suggest you refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate uses and applications. This washer is made of rubber, and it is sold individually.
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Carbon Brush Set CB-430
1 Review
Fix Number FIX10156660
Manufacturer Part Number CB430
In Stock
Bolt 3x15
Fix Number FIX10411961
Manufacturer Part Number BB40810
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Brush Holder Cap
Fix Number FIX10153426
Manufacturer Part Number 643954-4
Special Order
Hex. Nut 1-3
Fix Number FIX10411996
Manufacturer Part Number CC41104
In Stock
Flat Washer 5
Fix Number FIX10155891
Manufacturer Part Number 941101-4
In Stock
Terminal, Lxrh01
Fix Number FIX10153448
Manufacturer Part Number 644808-8
In Stock
Bolt 3x10
Fix Number FIX10411922
Manufacturer Part Number BB40425
In Stock
Flat Washer 6
Fix Number FIX10155893
Manufacturer Part Number 941151-9


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