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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10383263
Manufacturer Part Number BB-6004VV
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Recoil Spring
Fix Number FIX10350603
Manufacturer Part Number R-5
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Holding Dog Assembly W/Hwd.
Fix Number FIX10350602
Manufacturer Part Number R-4
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Black Nylon Loadwheel W/Bearings
Fix Number FIX12039828
Manufacturer Part Number PT2748J-080BN
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Fix Number FIX12039830
Manufacturer Part Number PT2748J-081A
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15' Complete Two Piece Strap W/Hook & Loop
Fix Number FIX10350614
Manufacturer Part Number S-3
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Hard Core/Soft Tread, Wheel
Fix Number FIX10350618
Manufacturer Part Number W-12
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Recoil Spring Housing Tube
Fix Number FIX10350607
Manufacturer Part Number R-9
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10463888
Manufacturer Part Number BB-6203ZZ
This ball bearing is 17 mm and fits a variety of gardening power tools. The ball bearing has two contact rubber seals on each side and two non-contact metal shields on each end as well. Tip: if your tools needs only one seal or shield, then take off one of the shields or seals from this ball bearing. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for further installation instructions and a detailed diagram.
Installation Instructions
Adam from FREMONT, NE
Saw was making loud screeching noise and unsatisfactory cuts
1: disconnect power and remove blade
2: remove spanner nut
3: remove arbor nut. Spins opposite:
righty loosy lefty tighty
4: remove arbor with mallet and dowel
5: use arbor press to take off ball bearing
6: press on new bearing
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Top Handle W/Hardware
Fix Number FIX10350530
Manufacturer Part Number F-9


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