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Belt Hook
Fix Number FIX10189049
Manufacturer Part Number N268241
This OEM belt hook makes it possible for drills and drill drivers to attach to a regular belt or tool belt. It attaches to the bottom of the handle assembly and makes it convenient to access your tool when it is not in use. This part includes the belt hook and screw needed to attach it.
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Detent Pin
Fix Number FIX10187196
Manufacturer Part Number N020802
In Stock
Detent Spring
Fix Number FIX10165211
Manufacturer Part Number 038769-00
In Stock
Roll Pin
Fix Number FIX10165339
Manufacturer Part Number 099205-07
In Stock
Hog Ring
Fix Number FIX11927770
Manufacturer Part Number 608114-00
This part includes a genuinely sourced hog ring for an impact wrench. This small metal part fits onto the end of the anvil and sits in-between an O-ring and washer. To access this part you will need to remove the two clamshells and will require a screwdriver.
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Socket Retainer
Fix Number FIX12095242
Manufacturer Part Number 2135-425
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10300225
Manufacturer Part Number C139037
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10299731
Manufacturer Part Number A082777
This O-ring fits air tools like hammers, sander polishers, and ratchets, providing a seal for the valve. With time and use, this part can shrink, crack and become brittle. In this case, it is important to replace the O-ring to prevent air leaks. *Please note: this part is sold individually. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and safety practices.
In Stock
Socket Retainer Kit
Fix Number FIX12095204
Manufacturer Part Number 2125QTi-K425
In Stock
Fix Number FIX12014784
Manufacturer Part Number CA088097


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