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Fix Number FIX10301921
Manufacturer Part Number KF125190
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Start/Rev Switch
Fix Number FIX12018046
Manufacturer Part Number F900571
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Fix Number FIX10301854
Manufacturer Part Number KF124390
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Fix Number FIX10299731
Manufacturer Part Number A082777
This O-ring fits air tools like hammers, sander polishers, and ratchets, providing a seal for the valve. With time and use, this part can shrink, crack and become brittle. In this case, it is important to replace the O-ring to prevent air leaks. *Please note: this part is sold individually. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and safety practices.
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Fix Number FIX12017273
Manufacturer Part Number 844014
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Release Sleeve
Fix Number FIX10303035
Manufacturer Part Number 202833PT
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Fix Number FIX10300225
Manufacturer Part Number C139037
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10303695
Manufacturer Part Number 500PT
This ball bearing is used on various power tools to reduce friction between rotating parts. The rollers or balls, distribute the weight while minimal contact area of this part help reduce friction that can disrupt the function of your tool. If your ball bearing is damaged or worn off, then it is best to replace it. Refer to the manual for installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.
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Ball Bearing
Fix Number FIX10302775
Manufacturer Part Number 19469
This is a ball bearing for your power tools. It contains little balls within the bearing that allow it to reduce rotational friction between moving parts, and increase performance. If your power tool is making odd noises, or is heating up more than normal, you should check your bearings for visible wear. These are commonly replaced parts.
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Plug-Throttle Valve
Fix Number FIX10302052
Manufacturer Part Number KF134162


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