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Tank Feet
Fix Number FIX10070872
Manufacturer Part Number 2433011D
This is an authentic OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Senco. Not only do the feet on your air compressor keep it stable, they also keep it in one place and minimize vibration. They are made of rubber, therefore the absorb the heavy vibration coming from the compressor during operation. This tank foot is sold individually, and it comes with the hardware you will need for installation. The foot is made of rubber, and the screw is made of metal. You will need a screw driver to successfully install this replacement part.
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Pressure Gauge
Fix Number FIX10074789
Manufacturer Part Number PC0057
This is a genuine OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Senco. This gauge is used on air compressors to measure the amount of pressure in the tank. You will see this gauge move up and down as air is pumped into the tank, and as air is released. This gauge measures up to 160 PSI. Due to the fact it has a metal body, and compressed air is both warm and wet this part will wear down over time. When it rusts, corrode, or deteriorates you are no longer going to get accurate readings, or it may not read at all, which means it will need to be replaced. You will need basic hand tools to successfully replace the pressure gauge on your compressor. Before beginning this repair make sure the air is drained from the tank and unplug the compressor.
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Check Valve
Fix Number FIX11853283
Manufacturer Part Number 2414033A
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Drain Valve
Fix Number FIX10070867
Manufacturer Part Number 2405011
This is a genuine OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Senco. The drain valve is an important part of your compressor, it allows you to safely drain the compressed air from the tank. Pressurized air will build-up condensation in the tank so it is important to drain the air and moisture so you do not damage the tank. Over time this part will rust or corrode, at which point it will need to be replaced. This metal drain valve is sold individually. You will need a wrench to remove the old drain valve and install the new one, it helps you ensure the connection is secure and air-tight.
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Fix Number FIX11853282
Manufacturer Part Number 2408008RNX
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Exhaust Valve Assembly
Fix Number FIX11853456
Manufacturer Part Number 3B11DC02A
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Pressure Switch
Fix Number FIX11853302
Manufacturer Part Number 2E21025TB
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Rod Assembly
Fix Number FIX11853461
Manufacturer Part Number 3B34DC02
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Pressure Regulator
Fix Number FIX11853501
Manufacturer Part Number 9051181
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Intake Filter
Fix Number FIX10072153
Manufacturer Part Number CW8014
This is a genuine OEM replacement part that has been sourced directly from Senco. These air intake filters are commonly used on air compressors. They work to clean the air entering your compressor and extend the life of your equipment. Inside the housing there is a replaceable paper filter cartridge that collects the unwanted dust, dirt, and debris from the air. This filter needs to be cleaned and replaced often for optimal performance and efficiency. Without a properly maintained air filter you risk doing damage to valves, gaskets, and lines in your compressor. You do not need any tools to install this replacement part, you simply unscrew the old filter and screw the new one on in its place. This canister style air filter assembly is sold individually.

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