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Pilot Assembly 3Way N/Dv Rn 0.199.706
Fix Number FIX10408830
Manufacturer Part Number 10002264
This is a pilot assembly for your fireplace. In this flat, three way, pilot assembly comes a thermocouple, thermopile, and electrode (natural gas). This part is necessary to light your fireplace. The pilot light is a flame that comes out of your assembly, when heated the sensor will create a very low voltage. This sends a signal to the control valve to keep releasing gas to your pilot, which will light your fireplace. The most common reason for needing to replace this part is if the burner is not igniting when you switch it on. We recommend testing the assembly before putting your fireplace back together, to correct any potential errors.
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Valve Sit 820 - Natural Gas - Rn
Fix Number FIX12098500
Manufacturer Part Number 230-0710
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Pilot Assembly 3Way N/Dv Rp 0.199.703
Fix Number FIX10408831
Manufacturer Part Number 10002265
This 3-way pilot assembly, with propane gas, fits direct vent fireplaces with RP valves and stoves. Safety tip: Remember that all gas fireplace pilots and parts should be tested by a gas technician. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for detailed installation instructions and other safety practices.
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Manual Shaft Extender
Fix Number FIX10409505
Manufacturer Part Number 27D0410
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Hvr / Valve Assembly Kit With Gas Sensor
Fix Number FIX10291776
Manufacturer Part Number 55700415
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Fix Number FIX10409174
Manufacturer Part Number 20005039
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Thermopile - Rn/Rp
Fix Number FIX10409466
Manufacturer Part Number 26D0566
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Ceramic Tile
Fix Number FIX10410193
Manufacturer Part Number 57803


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