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Electronic Igniter Module
Fix Number FIX10426694
Manufacturer Part Number 07000030A1
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Main Burner
Fix Number FIX10426820
Manufacturer Part Number 10000659A0
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Temperature Gauge
Fix Number FIX10426674
Manufacturer Part Number 05001258A0
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Sear Burner Igniter Wire
Fix Number FIX10426756
Manufacturer Part Number 10000003A0
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Main Burner Cooking Grid With Hole
Fix Number FIX10426945
Manufacturer Part Number 13000382A0
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Grease Slide Panel, Bottom
Fix Number FIX10427034
Manufacturer Part Number 20000560A0
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Side Burner Cooking Grid With Hole
Fix Number FIX10426955
Manufacturer Part Number 13000619A0
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Main Burner Flame Tamer
Fix Number FIX10426612
Manufacturer Part Number 04005602A0
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Grease Tray
Fix Number FIX10427165
Manufacturer Part Number 20001792A0
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Flame Tamer
Fix Number FIX10427105
Manufacturer Part Number 20001147A0
Designed for select models of Nexgrill grills, this OEM approved replacement part is compatible with select models of Nexgrill grills. To ensure this part is compatible with your grill, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. The primary purpose of the Flame Tamer is to protect your burners from food and debris, as well as to provide that Smoky BBQ flavor by creating smoke when drippings fall on them. The dimensions of this part are 17"x13", and it should be replaced when it begins to show signs of wear or damage. Flame Tamers are sold individually, made of porcelain-coated steel, and should be cleaned regularly. It may also be referred to as a Heat Plate, Heat Tent, Heat Diffuser, or a Heat Sheild.
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Nexgrill bbq grill flame tamer disintegrated
Just replaced the plates in seconds.

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