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Fix Number FIX10000167
Manufacturer Part Number 703893
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Nut.25-20 Hex Nylock
Fix Number FIX9999570
Manufacturer Part Number 703232
This hex nut is created for use on lawn and gardening equipment. This is a multi-application nut that depends on the unit and tool you are using. For installation instructions, check the manual provided by the manufacturer. *Please note: this nut is sold individually.
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Nut,Centerlock Z .3
Fix Number FIX10000267
Manufacturer Part Number 704067
This is a nut for your lawn and garden equipment. The diameter is 5/16 inches with a thread size of 18. The nut has a washer like base, with a wide flange to ensure it will not loosen with heavy vibrations.
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Fix Number FIX9125900
Manufacturer Part Number 7701014MA
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Clutch Assembly, Small
1 Review
Fix Number FIX9303676
Manufacturer Part Number 753-05860
Installation Instructions
Quit driving head
Remove handle with trigger from shaft. Remove shaft from engine. Remove spark plug. Insert small rope into cylinder ( to stop shaft from turning. Remove small screw from end of clutch cover and remove cover. Unscrew clutch assembly ( note Direct on assembly). Assemble new clutch in reverse. Read more...
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Cable, Control Latching
Fix Number FIX9112486
Manufacturer Part Number 740193MA
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Carburetor O-Ring
Fix Number FIX10009589
Manufacturer Part Number 753-06185
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Fix Number FIX10014381
Manufacturer Part Number 791-182405
This switch is used on a variety of trimmers, blowers and other similar gardening equipment. This switch controls the on and off operations of your tool. Switches have mechanical internals, which degrade and wear out in time. In this case, switches are a commonly replaced part. *Please note: this part is sold individually. The tool needed for this repair is a screwdriver. To repair, first remove screws that hold the pieces of housing together. Next, disconnect wires from the old switch as well as the wires from the housing. Now you can install the new switch in the housing and connect the correct wires to it. For further installation instructions, refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
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Primer and Hose Assembly
Fix Number FIX10014772
Manufacturer Part Number 791-683974B
This is a primer and hose assembly, and it is used on various lawn equipment. The assembly comes with two parts. The first is the hose which is almost 5 inches long, and less than a 1/4 inch thick. The second part is the primer bulb or primer pump, and that is 2 inches long, and 1 inch wide, with a round bulb head. Together, the primer and hose assembly fill the carburetor with fuel to give your machine a quicker start. After time, your hose will crack and your primer will lose elasticity. Both will have to be replaced when this happens. Before starting this repair make sure to drain the fuel from the tank, and remove the spark plug.
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Lawn Tractor Mandrel Housing
Fix Number FIX8982851
Manufacturer Part Number 492574MA
This mandrel housing is for lawn tractors. Mandrel housing houses the shaft that spins the blade. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

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