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Spool Cap
Fix Number FIX9966010
Manufacturer Part Number 522994001
This spool cap is for line trimmers. Spool cap covers the bottom of the line spool and prevents the spool from falling out of the spool housing.
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Bump Cap
Fix Number FIX10184171
Manufacturer Part Number 682378-02
2-5/8-Inch Wide This is a genuine Black and Decker replacement part. It is sold individually.. Its purpose is to hold the spool and bumper in the spool housing. It has 2 tabs that snap into the spool housing. To remove this part press on the 2 tabs and it will release from the spool housing.
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Grass Deflector Assembly
Fix Number FIX10051753
Manufacturer Part Number T308744001
This is a grass deflector assembly for a trimmer. Your model may have a straight deflector and a curved shaft deflector, and this one is considered the curved shaft deflector. Its purpose is to help protect the user from flying debris. The guard includes the line cutting blade, which keeps the line at the appropriate length. For this repair, remove the hex screw, flat washer, and wing nut from the grass deflector. Press it onto the curved shaft and insert the hex screw through the grass deflector and the bracket on the curved shaft. Align the flat washer and lock washer on the hex head cap screw. Place the wing nut on the hex head cap screw and tighten until it is secure.
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Fuel Cap (w/ retainer)
Fix Number FIX9468748
Manufacturer Part Number 530014347
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Cover-Air Box
Fix Number FIX9285098
Manufacturer Part Number 530057846
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Air Filter Cover
Fix Number FIX8858254
Manufacturer Part Number 13031305863
This is an OEM air filter cover, and it is sold individually. The air filter cover protects the air filter from the outer elements, to prevent excess dirt and debris from contaminating it. It is designed to provide the right about of clearance for air to enter the carburetor through the filter, and mixing with fuel to ensure the engine runs smoothly. It is secured with a wing bolt, which is sold separately. This black plastic part could damage, especially if the equipment has been dropped or come in contact with something.
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Fuel Cap Assembly
Fix Number FIX9180313
Manufacturer Part Number A033000070
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Air Filter Cover
Fix Number FIX8860969
Manufacturer Part Number 13031306563
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Fix Number FIX9103191
Manufacturer Part Number 73-8200
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Air Filter Cover
Fix Number FIX8991491
Manufacturer Part Number 503888001