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Nut, Flange Lock, 3/8-16, Grf
Fix Number FIX9095080
Manufacturer Part Number 712-04065
This lock nut is used for lawn and garden equipment, and is sold individually. This nut resists loosening when it is correctly threaded onto a bolt in your tool. The measurements are: the diameter of the bolt hole is 3/8 inches and the thread count is 16. For instructions on where the lock nut is located in your tool refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer.
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Wire Tie
Fix Number FIX9100863
Manufacturer Part Number 725-0157
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Flat Washer
Fix Number FIX9167298
Manufacturer Part Number 936-3015
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Hex Lock Nut 1/4-20
Fix Number FIX10003339
Manufacturer Part Number 712-0324
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Idler Pulley-Flat
Fix Number FIX8783603
Manufacturer Part Number 02004558
This is a genuine OEM replacement part sourced directly from MTD. An idler pulley is a specific part of the vehicles belt system that does not drive the belt, it one of a set of pulleys the drive belt rests on. The idler pulley is used to alter the path of the belt, this increases the tension in the belt, this keeps the belt on track, and helps increase the grip the belt has on the drive pulleys. This idler pulley is commonly used in small engines such as lawn mowers and sprayers. In order to install a new pulley you will need a socket for the drive bolts, you also may need a screwdriver.

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