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Fix Number FIX9482322
Manufacturer Part Number 545008013
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Starter Pawl-Ratchet
Fix Number FIX8942598
Manufacturer Part Number 281505S
Sold individually.
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Spring & Container
Fix Number FIX9987666
Manufacturer Part Number 638033001
This spring or container fits gardening tools such as a trimmer. The spring works to recoil a starter rope. If your spring has been worn out, it can lose tension and even break. If the spring breaks, the starter rope will not retract. To prevent this, it is best to replace the spring. The tools needed for this repair are: T25 Torx bit, spark plug wrench, clutch tool, and rope. For installation instructions refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
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Spring-Rewind Str
Fix Number FIX8978476
Manufacturer Part Number 490179
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Fix Number FIX8942071
Manufacturer Part Number 295871
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Rope (3 ft.)
Fix Number FIX9472269
Manufacturer Part Number 530069232
This is a 3ft rope for a variety of power tools, most commonly chainsaws. It twists around the pulley of the recoil starter, which will allow you to pull-start the engine. This part is made of a durable nylon, but over time may wear out and snap. When that happens, you will need to replace it. Take note the plastic grip is sold separately.
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Fix Number FIX8968281
Manufacturer Part Number 399671
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Starter Rope 42 In.
Fix Number FIX10022172
Manufacturer Part Number 900849012
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Fix Number FIX9194767
Manufacturer Part Number A051000841
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Recoil Starter Assembly
Fix Number FIX9268006
Manufacturer Part Number 17720042033