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Wheel and tire assembly (Front Drive Wheels)
Fix Number FIX11971248
Manufacturer Part Number 583719501
This is a genuine OEM sourced replacement part is used with walk behind lawn mowers. This is the drive wheel which has plastic gears on the inside. It is designed to be driven by a pinion gear which is sold separately. If the wheel is broken or damaged it should be replaced to ensure smooth ride and consistent cut of the grass. Includes one (1) plastic wheel.
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Gauge wheel
Fix Number FIX12472474
Manufacturer Part Number 589527301
This gauge wheel is for lawn tractors. The gauge wheel measures the distance between the deck and the ground so the deck doesn't hit the ground when you go over uneven ground or when you are turning. Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.
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Fix Number FIX9016096
Manufacturer Part Number 532401274
Wheel 532401274 attaches to each side of the mower deck and propels the lawn mower. A wrench is required for replacement of this part.
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Fix Number FIX9982085
Manufacturer Part Number 580365301
This replacement wheel is a genuine manufacturer sourced item that is specially produced for Husqvarna lawn mowers. This is the rear drive wheel that is driven by the transmission assembly. It is made from durable plastic and it is sold individually. Please note that the hardware to secure it, gears, and other parts are all sold separately.
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Wheel Gage Donut Wide
Fix Number FIX9010538
Manufacturer Part Number 532133957
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Fix Number FIX11824808
Manufacturer Part Number 585911001
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Fix Number FIX9902806
Manufacturer Part Number 1714760SM
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Wheel Assembly (Rear)
Fix Number FIX11843478
Manufacturer Part Number 581420701
This wheel assembly is for lawn tractors. The wheel assembly includes the tire and the wheel rim. Follow the instructions in the owner's manual when installing this part.
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Rim Assembly, Front
Fix Number FIX9011722
Manufacturer Part Number 532106732
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Rod Front Rail
Fix Number FIX8894216
Manufacturer Part Number 1736081YP