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Engine Ignition Coil
Fix Number FIX11829380
Manufacturer Part Number 595304
Ignition coil 595304 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits Briggs & Stratton lawn and garden equipment engine models 31R907-0018-G1, 33R877-0002-G1, 33R877-0009-G1 and 33S877-0015-G1. Ignition coil 595304 generates the voltage for the spark plug. Set the ignition coil air gap at 10/1000-in to 14/1000-in. Torque the ignition coil screws to 30-lb-in.
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Fix Number FIX9045176
Manufacturer Part Number 591459
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Fix Number FIX9017152
Manufacturer Part Number 532411933
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Fix Number FIX9983828
Manufacturer Part Number 592846
On outdoor power equipment, the magneto generates electricity by using magnets in the fly wheel to produce pulses of high voltage to power the spark plugs. Other parts of the magneto include the ignition and armature, around which the primary and secondary coils are wrapped. When replacing any magneto/ignition parts, always ensure that the armature gap is set to your engine model’s specifications.
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Fix Number FIX9278124
Manufacturer Part Number 397358
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Fix Number FIX8968253
Manufacturer Part Number 398811
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Key, No Mow
Fix Number FIX9266669
Manufacturer Part Number 1726557SM
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Key, Switch
Fix Number FIX9902953
Manufacturer Part Number 1717163SM
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Fix Number FIX9071043
Manufacturer Part Number 700918
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Fix Number FIX11965826
Manufacturer Part Number 532158913