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Fix Number FIX9020864
Manufacturer Part Number 532193350
This ignition switch has been sourced directly from the original manufacturer and is sold individually (key sold separately). The ignition switch is also sometimes referred to as a starter switch and is enclosed in a plastic housing. A common sign that this part is malfunctioning is if the electric starter is not engaging. For this quick and easy repair, start by making sure the switch is in the off position and the key has been removed. Lift the hood up, locate the steering housing and press the tabs to disengage the old switch. Disconnect the wires and install your new OEM ignition switch.
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Switch Ignition
Fix Number FIX9286662
Manufacturer Part Number 532175566
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Assembly, Switch & Key
Fix Number FIX9264831
Manufacturer Part Number 1686734SM
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Fix Number FIX9050564
Manufacturer Part Number 632547
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Switch, Interlock (Clutch)
Fix Number FIX9288217
Manufacturer Part Number 539101080
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Fix Number FIX9074731
Manufacturer Part Number 692318
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Switch, Seat Sensor
Fix Number FIX9072110
Manufacturer Part Number 7023354YP
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Fix Number FIX9065304
Manufacturer Part Number 692310
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Switch Dp No/Nc Snap
Fix Number FIX9070806
Manufacturer Part Number 7022886YP
No Longer Available
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Fix Number FIX11858949
Manufacturer Part Number 760961002