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Spark Plug
Fix Number FIX10018287
Manufacturer Part Number 870174001
This spark plug is used for lawn and garden equipment engines, such as trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, cultivators, edgers, tillers and power brooms. The spark plug delivers electric current from an ignition system to an internal combustion engine, basically igniting the fuel in the engine. With use, spark plugs can become dirty and fouled, if this is the case then replace your spark plug to solve this issue. Repair tip: you will need to gap your spark plug. Follow instructions in the manual provided by the manufacturer for further guidance.
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Spring & Container
Fix Number FIX9987666
Manufacturer Part Number 638033001
This spring or container fits gardening tools such as a trimmer. The spring works to recoil a starter rope. If your spring has been worn out, it can lose tension and even break. If the spring breaks, the starter rope will not retract. To prevent this, it is best to replace the spring. The tools needed for this repair are: T25 Torx bit, spark plug wrench, clutch tool, and rope. For installation instructions refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
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Front Handle Assembly
Fix Number FIX9936915
Manufacturer Part Number 302373002
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Switch Trigger
Fix Number FIX12090612
Manufacturer Part Number 525590001
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Hanger Cap
Fix Number FIX9964412
Manufacturer Part Number 518019002
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Intake Gasket
Fix Number FIX10022356
Manufacturer Part Number 901551001
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Heat Dam
Fix Number FIX9964756
Manufacturer Part Number 518920001
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Heat Dam Gasket
Fix Number FIX10022358
Manufacturer Part Number 901552002
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Rope - Starter
Fix Number FIX10022169
Manufacturer Part Number 900849002
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Carburetor Assembly
Fix Number FIX9937863
Manufacturer Part Number 308054013

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