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Fuel Return Tube 3x6x90mm
Fix Number FIX8862036
Manufacturer Part Number 13201056330
This is a fuel return tube, for various lawn equipment. This part is yellow and is 90mm long. The tube is used to return the extra fuel back into the fuel tank. This happens after the primer bulb has primed the carburetor to start. Depending on usage, this part will weaken and crack, that is when you will need to replace it.
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Fix Number FIX9294797
Manufacturer Part Number 692189
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Fix Number FIX9064851
Manufacturer Part Number 692187
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Pipe Fuel Assembly
Fix Number FIX9991788
Manufacturer Part Number 6688169
This is a pipe fuel assembly for a variety of lawn and garden equipment. This pipe is also known as a fuel line, and it is 160mm long by 5mm wide. This part feeds the carburetor with fuel by connecting it to the fuel filter inside of the fuel tank. Before making this installation, we recommend draining the fuel from your machine, and removing the spark plug.
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Fix Number FIX9074730
Manufacturer Part Number 692317
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Fix Number FIX9306838
Manufacturer Part Number 794683
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Fix Number FIX9136987
Manufacturer Part Number 793147
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Fix Number FIX9294920
Manufacturer Part Number 694000
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Fix Number FIX9066646
Manufacturer Part Number 692937
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Fix Number FIX8982780
Manufacturer Part Number 497029