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Bearing, 3/4\" W/Locking Collar
Fix Number FIX9975234
Manufacturer Part Number 539000315
This is a bearing with locking collar for your lawn equipment, but most commonly your aerator. The bearing is made of steel, and controls the position and direction of moving parts within your machine. It also acts as a buffer by protecting the parts from damaging each other. Bearings are considered high-wear parts, meaning they are replaced often. This purchase includes one 3/4-inch bearing, and one 3/4-inch locking collar.
Installation Instructions
Tom from Harrison, OH
Bearing worn out
Removed bolts holding bar with blades. Drilled out allen screw. Sprayed PB blaster on collar and rod. Machine is 35 years old with lots of rust. Collar came loose. Removed rust by sanding. Installed new bearing and collar. Replaced bolts. Machine works great. Read more...
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Idler Pulley, Flat
Fix Number FIX9031679
Manufacturer Part Number 539110311
  In Stock
Fix Number FIX9975668
Manufacturer Part Number 539106827
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Fix Number FIX9975629
Manufacturer Part Number 539100439
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Nut, Nylock 3/8-16
Fix Number FIX9975971
Manufacturer Part Number 539976979
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Key, 3/16 Square
Fix Number FIX9027156
Manufacturer Part Number 539910061
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Fix Number FIX9999492
Manufacturer Part Number 703116
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Wheel, 8x1 3/4
Fix Number FIX9288959
Manufacturer Part Number 540075051
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Pulley, Idler343
Fix Number FIX9975250
Manufacturer Part Number 539000343
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Pulley, Idler
Fix Number FIX9975830
Manufacturer Part Number 539110311


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