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Fuel Line
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Fix Number FIX9472280
Manufacturer Part Number 530069247
This chainsaw fuel line kit carries fuel from the tank into the carburetor and from the primer bulb to the fuel system. This part is mostly used on gas trimmers and blowers. The fuel lines are made from clear, flexible, and rubber material. In time, this part can begin to deteriorate, which can result in leaks. To prevent this, make sure to replace the fuel line. As a safety precaution, remember to wear work gloves to protect your hands during repair.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Engine stops after a few seconds or minutes
  • Will Not Start
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Tank Purge Line
Fix Number FIX9472264
Manufacturer Part Number 530069216
This is a tank purge line, also known as a fuel line kit, and it is used with various lawn equipment. The line connects fuel from the tank into the carburetor, and from the primer bulb back into the fuel system. The extra fuel is forced through the line into the fuel tank. This tube is transparent, and has a diameter of 3/16 inches. Before making this repair, we recommend draining the fuel from your machine, and removing the spark plug.
Fixes these symptoms
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Fuel Line Fitting
Fix Number FIX9469715
Manufacturer Part Number 530023877
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Fix Number FIX9022089
Manufacturer Part Number 537042408
In Stock
Fix Number FIX9471816
Manufacturer Part Number 530057926
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Line, Fuel
Fix Number FIX9028916
Manufacturer Part Number 545078302
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Fix Number FIX9993539
Manufacturer Part Number 6692353
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Fitting, Inline Fuel
Fix Number FIX10037538
Manufacturer Part Number 985304001
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Fix Number FIX8859970
Manufacturer Part Number 13201210131
No Longer Available
Vapor Vent
Fix Number FIX9939435
Manufacturer Part Number 310854002