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Fuel Cap Assembly
Fix Number FIX9982262
Manufacturer Part Number 580940901
This part is the replacement fuel cap assembly for your chainsaw. It is made of black plastic and is sold individually. The fuel cap prevents fuel from spilling out of the chainsaw and prevents debris from entering the fuel tank. If the fuel cap is stripped or missing the O-ring, it can cause a leak, and will need to be replaced. To replace the fuel cap simply screw the old one out and screw the new one in, ensuring you have a tight seal. This is an authentic OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer.
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Oil Cap Asy.
Fix Number FIX9231786
Manufacturer Part Number P021005581
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Fix Number FIX11826579
Manufacturer Part Number P021044580
This is a cap for a chainsaw fuel tank. Its purpose is to seal the fuel tank and stop gas from leaking. The retainer stays inside the tank and ensures the cap stays connected and does not get lost. It also has an O-ring which seals the cap. The O-ring is often the part that deteriorates and requires replacing over time. This part is sold as one part and is sourced directly from the original manufacturer.
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Cap Assembly
Fix Number FIX9231174
Manufacturer Part Number P021007630
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Fuel Cap (w/ retainer)
Fix Number FIX9468748
Manufacturer Part Number 530014347
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Vent Cover
Fix Number FIX8863837
Manufacturer Part Number 13132840630
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Chain Catcher
Fix Number FIX9470419
Manufacturer Part Number 530029850
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Chain Brake Assembly
Fix Number FIX9245227
Manufacturer Part Number P021017220
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Chain Cover Assembly
Fix Number FIX9936703
Manufacturer Part Number 300957019
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Assembly-Clutch Cover
Fix Number FIX9471983
Manufacturer Part Number 530058933