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Fix Number FIX10053748
Manufacturer Part Number V490001230
This is a clip for a variety of lawn and garden equipment. The clip is made of a durable metal, and is 6.5mm in diameter. This part is most commonly used to clamp tubes and hoses in place. The clip is sold individually.
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Nut, Hex, Flangelock
Fix Number FIX9022497
Manufacturer Part Number 532409149
This is a genuine hex flange locknut for a lawn mower. It attaches to the carriage bolt (sold separately), fastening the axle assembly braces in place. This part is sold individually, however most models require three. For this repair you will need a wrench set.
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Fix Number FIX8969875
Manufacturer Part Number 43302206460
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Nut 5
Fix Number FIX9148697
Manufacturer Part Number 90050000005
This nut is used for a variety of handheld gardening tools. The nut has multiple applications depending on the tool you are using. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and nut location in a specific tool. This lock nut is used to resist loosening when threaded onto a bolt. *Please note: this part is sold individually. The measurements are: 5mm.
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Fix Number FIX10037881
Manufacturer Part Number 98792
This bumper fits various gardening tools and is sold individually. The bumper secures the fuel tank and minimizes movement of tank. For installation instructions, refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer.
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Fix Number FIX9469231
Manufacturer Part Number 530016101
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Nut-Lh Thread
Fix Number FIX9308872
Manufacturer Part Number 90051100010
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Split Pin 2x22
Fix Number FIX9162863
Manufacturer Part Number 90030020022
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Fix Number FIX9206764
Manufacturer Part Number C535000150
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Flanged Washer
Fix Number FIX9872851
Manufacturer Part Number 099078001005