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Watchman IV Lock System
Fix Number FIX10400428
Manufacturer Part Number 7286-1PK
This is a lock system for your cabinet or work bench. It comes with 3 small parts, and may also be known as the lock tab kit. It includes a bolt, a nut, and the padlock tab that will secure the padlock in place. This assembly is for chests/cabinets made in 2001 and after, with a dead-bolt lock system. The package includes installation instructions.
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Watchman III Lock System
Fix Number FIX10400445
Manufacturer Part Number 800-1PK
This lock system keeps someone from being able to open a locked tool box in an effective way. Refer to the diagram provided by the manufacturer for installation instructions and more information.
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U-Bolt For Classic Chests
Fix Number FIX12041802
Manufacturer Part Number 7289
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Aerosol Paint
Fix Number FIX10400454
Manufacturer Part Number 953-1CN
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Cover And Door For Chests And Cabinets With Watchman Iii
Fix Number FIX10400410
Manufacturer Part Number 70133
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Ball Studs For Gas Springs
Fix Number FIX10400451
Manufacturer Part Number 921-4PK
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Gas Springs
Fix Number FIX10400456
Manufacturer Part Number 977-2PK
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Ball Lift Handle
Fix Number FIX10400426
Manufacturer Part Number 70976
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Left Cover Support
Fix Number FIX10400400
Manufacturer Part Number 70053
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Knob, Lift Lever
Fix Number FIX10400411
Manufacturer Part Number 70141

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