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Return Grommet
Fix Number FIX9995391
Manufacturer Part Number 6697846
This is a return grommet for your lawn and garden equipment. This part creates an airtight seal to prevent fuel leaking from your machine. We recommend installing both the grommet and the return fuel line together. Place the return fuel line inside the grommet and install both into the fuel tank.
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Pump-Priming Assembly
Fix Number FIX9990562
Manufacturer Part Number 6685139
This primer bulb is used for a variety of gardening equipment and tools. The primer delivers gas into the carburetor and a fuel/air mixture is created to go into the cylinder, ultimately keeping the engine running. With use and in time, the bulb can crack or dry out, this can affect the function of your tool and will need to be replaced. Remember to wear work gloves to protect your hands and refer to the manual for installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.
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Fix Number FIX9992752
Manufacturer Part Number 6690347
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Hex. Bar Wrench 4MM
Fix Number FIX10033827
Manufacturer Part Number 944458
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Fix Number FIX9990313
Manufacturer Part Number 6684762
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Fix Number FIX9995419
Manufacturer Part Number 6699322
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Pipe Fuel Assembly
Fix Number FIX9991788
Manufacturer Part Number 6688169
This is a pipe fuel assembly for a variety of lawn and garden equipment. This pipe is also known as a fuel line, and it is 160mm long by 5mm wide. This part feeds the carburetor with fuel by connecting it to the fuel filter inside of the fuel tank. Before making this installation, we recommend draining the fuel from your machine, and removing the spark plug.
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Fix Number FIX9990311
Manufacturer Part Number 6684760
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Fix Number FIX9990196
Manufacturer Part Number 6684607
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Reel Spring
Fix Number FIX9990310
Manufacturer Part Number 6684759

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