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Piezo Ignitor - Natural Gas and Propane
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10409033
Manufacturer Part Number 14D0503
In Stock
Variable Speed Control C/W Knob
Fix Number FIX10425128
Manufacturer Part Number KB-35
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10426379
Manufacturer Part Number W680-0004
In Stock
Glowing Embers
Fix Number FIX10426148
Manufacturer Part Number W361-0016
On Order
Piezo Igniter
Fix Number FIX10426145
Manufacturer Part Number W357-0001
In Stock
Ods Pilot Assembly - Natural Gas
Fix Number FIX10409030
Manufacturer Part Number 14D0473
In Stock
Fix Number FIX10426380
Manufacturer Part Number W680-0005
In Stock
Replacement Fan
Fix Number FIX10425100
Manufacturer Part Number GZ552
In Stock
Pilot Assembly 3Way N/Dv Rn 0.199.706
Fix Number FIX10408830
Manufacturer Part Number 10002264
This is a pilot assembly for your fireplace. In this flat, three way, pilot assembly comes a thermocouple, thermopile, and electrode (natural gas). This part is necessary to light your fireplace. The pilot light is a flame that comes out of your assembly, when heated the sensor will create a very low voltage. This sends a signal to the control valve to keep releasing gas to your pilot, which will light your fireplace. The most common reason for needing to replace this part is if the burner is not igniting when you switch it on. We recommend testing the assembly before putting your fireplace back together, to correct any potential errors.
In Stock
Command Center - Natural Gas
2 Reviews
Fix Number FIX10410705
Manufacturer Part Number 80D0005
This OEM approved replacement part is sourced directly from Majestic and can be used to replace the existing Command Center on various Majestic, Monessen, and Vermont Fireplaces and Heating Stoves. For full compatibility, please see the "Model Cross Reference List" below. This Natural Gas Command Center is made of metal and plastic components and fits onto the burner of your unit. The purpose of this product is to provide an interface for the user to control the flames. If your fireplace will not turn on, or you are unable to control the flames using the Command Centre, it is likely time to replace it. A common issue with this command center is that the 4 AA batteries that act as backup power during power outages will leak into the Command Center, causing it to malfunction. The fireplace system is capable of operating for up to 6 months on battery power alone. Each Command Center is sold individually.
Installation Instructions
Unit never could start, fireplace, fan or light
Turned off gas and unplugged electricity. Removed front glass, logs, and removed side panel (right side looking at unit). Not enough room to see inside side control box. Disconnecteda all the wires which was pretty easy because each one was different. Couldn't make any mistakes replacing control wires. Removed unit from fireplace and separated control from a/c module. Reinstalledcontrol/ a/c module attaching all the wires, etc. hardest part was getting logs backin their correct spot. Reinstalled glass and "fired" it up. Read more...


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