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Plate Nut
Fix Number FIX11741518
Manufacturer Part Number WP3400029
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Fix Number FIX11741932
Manufacturer Part Number WP37001308
The bracket is no longer included.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Teddy from Crystal, MN
intermediate heat, timer ran long in automatic mode
After diagnosis that high limit, cycle limit, thermal fuse and timer motor where operating. Opened front, removed drum and replaced coils and flame sensor. Igniter was ok, but I replaced it anyway. Burner assembly was right in front making accessibility easy. Read more...
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Door Catch Kit
10 Reviews
Fix Number FIX334230
Manufacturer Part Number 279570
This kit includes two door strikes, and three door catches, to service doors that have one or two catches. The strike is mounted on the body of the dryer, while the catch is mounted on the dryer door. These two parts work together to keep the dryer door shut while in operation. If your appliances lid will not close, or it will not start, it may be time to replace the door catch. If this part is malfunctioning, it should be replaced immediately, as it is not safe to run a dryer with the door not properly closed. This kit also comes with a set of instructions to help with the repair.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Door won’t close
  • Lid or door won’t close
  • No heat or not enough heat
  • See more...
Installation Instructions
jeffrey from Brookhaven, PA
Dryer would run, but not heat
Needed it running quick, so no diagnostics. Ordered one of everything that could fix problem (plus a new door catch). Tipped it onto it's back & popped the bottom cover off. Element, thermal cutoff, thermistor, and fuse. were right in front and held by 2 screws each (don't drop them, don't ask). A little bit tight inside, but no big issue. vacuumed the inside, replaced everything (it was the Heating Element, by the way), slapped the cover on, and put it back in its spot. works like it was new. Yes, I unplugged it first. Remember! Safety Third! Read more...
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Hose Clamp
Fix Number FIX11740613
Manufacturer Part Number WP285655
This hose clamp is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Jacob from Center, TX
The drain hose had a hole in it and needed to be replaced
Removed the lower front panel, disconnected the hose and replaced it with the new one, then replace the panel. The most dificult part was getting my old self on the floor and unscrewing the panel nuts. Read more...
In Stock
Flue Collar Gasket
Fix Number FIX10500867
Manufacturer Part Number 88032
In Stock
Heat Resistant Adhesive
Fix Number FIX11728058
Manufacturer Part Number W10841140
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. This white silicone adhesive caulk is commonly used on ranges, microwaves, and cooktops. This adhesive sealant works to form a bond between the components of your appliance. Most often this adhesive is used with gaskets, with felt seals, and with rubber feet. Due to varied uses on a number of appliances we recommend you refer to model specific diagrams for appropriate applications. This is a three-ounce tube of sealant; it is sold individually.
Fixes these symptoms
Installation Instructions
Gregory from Steamboat Springs, CO
door leaked
made the repairs still leaked. Door removal is way more difficult than expected. Called a repairman Read more...
In Stock
Hex Nut
Fix Number FIX11742711
Manufacturer Part Number WP488130
Part may differ in appearance, but functions same as original.
In Stock
Locking Mechanism, Feed Door
Fix Number FIX10500902
Manufacturer Part Number 891097
In Stock
Bracket, Feed Door
Fix Number FIX10500345
Manufacturer Part Number 22662
In Stock
Fabric Softener Dispenser
Fix Number FIX381197
Manufacturer Part Number 63580
Use this dispenser for your direct drive washing machine.
Fixes these symptoms
  • Does not dispense fabric softener or detergent
  • Will not agitate
  • Will not drain
  • See more...


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