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Air Conditioner Blower Wheel
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Fix Number FIX10314379
Manufacturer Part Number NE1639
This is an authentic DeLonghi replacement part. This fan is used in air conditioners. This is the main blower assembly, it connects to the motor and drives air through the unit and into the room it is cooling. This fan is made of plastic, and will need to be replaced if you notice damage of any kind. A well maintained fan ensures efficient cooling and operation. The hardware you will need to install this blower fan is sold separately. To successfully access and install this replacement part you will need pliers and a screwdriver.
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Fan Blade - Black
Fix Number FIX278418
Manufacturer Part Number WJ73X166
This part attaches to the fan motor.
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Lower Rack Roller Assembly
Fix Number FIX452142
Manufacturer Part Number 5300808968
This assembly includes the 2 wheels and bracket.
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Fan Blade
Fix Number FIX1533143
Manufacturer Part Number 5304459172
Also known as Blower Wheel.
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Fix Number FIX1560607
Manufacturer Part Number 5304460204
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Fix Number FIX1993233
Manufacturer Part Number 5304462705
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Fix Number FIX450833
Manufacturer Part Number 5300501406
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Fix Number FIX451807
Manufacturer Part Number 5300807957
Fix Number FIX3535799
Manufacturer Part Number MHA36945501
Fix Number FIX451569
Manufacturer Part Number 5300807180