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Control Knob
Fix Number FIX961417
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X10072
Fixes these symptoms
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Control Knob
Fix Number FIX11738318
Manufacturer Part Number WP1158639
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Control Knob
Fix Number FIX11738317
Manufacturer Part Number WP1158054
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Fix Number FIX1020300
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X10085
This is the replacement control knob for your air conditioner. It is made of white plastic with a gray indicator dot and is approximately 1 ¼ inch in diameter. The control knob fits onto a shaft on your air conditioner and allows you to adjust the settings. If the knob is stripped, damaged, or missing, this is the part that replaces it. To replace the knob, carefully slide the old knob off the shaft, then replace it with the new knob, being sure that the indicator dot is in the correct position. The knob is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer, and is sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX12171768
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X21743
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Control Knob
Fix Number FIX11744805
Manufacturer Part Number WP8031121
Sold individually. This light gray knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
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Control Knob - Bisque
Fix Number FIX962908
Manufacturer Part Number WP12X10002
This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft. Sold individually.
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Fix Number FIX274643
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X10048
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Control Knob with Clip
Fix Number FIX274605
Manufacturer Part Number WJ12X10009
This knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.
Control Knob
Fix Number FIX11738336
Manufacturer Part Number WP1162672
Sold individually.