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Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Tube For Model
Fix Number FIX10314968
Manufacturer Part Number TL1854
This is an authentic DeLonghi replacement part. This exhaust tube hose is commonly used with portable air conditioners. The main function of the exhaust hose is to move hot air out of the air conditioner. The length of the hose ranges from 14 inches when it is not extended, to 44 inches when it is extended. This hose is made of plastic and built to be crushproof, and it is sold individually.
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Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose
Fix Number FIX12094266
Manufacturer Part Number NE2211
This genuine OEM sourced replacement exhaust hose is designed for use with Delonghi portable air conditioners. This tube directs hot air out of the unit. It is made out of flexible plastic and is sold individually. Please note adapters and other hose are sold separately. PACAN140HPEC
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Faucet Adapter
Fix Number FIX11751238
Manufacturer Part Number WPW10254672
Used with some portable dishwashers and washers. NOTE: As per the factory, this is used for faucets with inside or outside threads. For female connection (outside) just remove the washers.
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Fix Number FIX11723816
Manufacturer Part Number 5304502153
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Faucet Adapter Coupling
Fix Number FIX7321390
Manufacturer Part Number 5304490369
This part connects the drain hose to the sink.
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Drain Outlet Plug
Fix Number FIX8749792
Manufacturer Part Number COV30330403
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Fix Number FIX3533233
Manufacturer Part Number COV30330401
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Hose Clamp Kit
Fix Number FIX270806
Manufacturer Part Number WH1X2036
This hose clamp kit contains two clamps. The smaller of the two is an inch in diameter while the larger of the two is two inches in diameter.
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Drain Hose
Fix Number FIX3409773
Manufacturer Part Number 5304479276
Fix Number FIX11723723
Manufacturer Part Number 5304502058